About us

The Norwegian Packaging Association offers education and information about the function of packaging throughout the supply chain.

Our member companies are:

Packaging manufacturers
Packaging converters
Brand owners
Food & Drink processing companies
Non-food manufacturing companies
Suppliers of packaging machines and equipment
Research institutes

We organize
The Packaging School
Annual Packaging Conference over 2 days
Trade courses
Trade Seminars
Breakfast seminars
Regional seminars
Supply Chain Courses

Our goals are:

  • To gather all stake holders in the packaging supply chain to develop packaging solutions that are optimized, resource effective and sustainable.
  • Take care of the packaging concerns for our member companies towards authorities, environmental organizations and the public.
  • Ensure a stable and good framework for developing proper and optimized packaging solutions for every single company and for the industry.

We want to raise the awareness of the roll and the function of packaging by

  • Strengthening the industry’s competence in packaging matters
  • Promoting packaging optimization
  • Being the connection between the industry and the authorities in packaging concerns
  • Being the educational center for packaging and packing in Norway
  • Being the driving force in implementing EU’s Packaging Directive and packaging standards I the Norwegian industry.
  • Working actively for increased coordination and cooperation between different branches of the Norwegian packaging industry.

Contact us:

Telephone + 47 22 12 17 60

Kari Bunes
General Manager
Phone: +47 951 44 973

Yngve Krokann
Educational Manager
Phone: +47 900 93 833

Per Nordberg
Information Manager
Phone: +47 413 28 334

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