Dette webinaret skal vi utforske hvordan biomaterialer kan erstatte plast

  • What are the future trends and needs in renewable packaging.
  • We will hear from companies who work towards building a more sustainable future for the packaging industry.
  • What does packaging of the future look like?
  • What does the industry need?
  • Does renewable equal greenwashing?
  • What effect does the design process have?


Welcome by Ambassador of Finland, Mikael Antell
Introduction: «Biomaterials for dummies» by host Kasper Strömman

Panel discussion: Is wood the new plastic?

You will hear different points of view:

  • The producer // Kotkamills: Saila Kettunen, Vice President for sustainability and communications
  • The user // Vinmonopolet: Rolf E. Eriksen, Leader Environment
  • The designer // Aalto University: Markus Joutsela, lecturer and design researcher
Benchmarking: Perspectives from Finland and Norway. What are the challenges, the opportunities and possibilities in the Nordic packaging industry.
  • Participating from Norway: Jørgen Ingeberg Circular Packaging Cluster (Ttdligere SmartPack 2030)
  • From Finland: Antro Säilä CEO at The Finnish Packaging Association.
Pitching: You will hear pitches from 6 selected startups
  • Finland: Woodly, Sulapac, Paptic.
  • Norway: ZEOS, Moltzau Packaging, Retail Production
We’re a part of Oslo Innovation Week.


Kommende kurs og arrangement

12. okt 2020 - 15. okt 2020Oppstart Emballasjeskolen klasse 50Scandic City Fredrikstad
14. okt 2020Bærekraftig emballasje i søkelyset på temadag i OsloFelix Konferansesenter
19. nov 2020 - 20. nov 2020Emballasjedagene 2020Scandic Park Sandefjord
25. feb 2021 - 05. mar 2021Interpack 2020 - nye datoer i 2021Messe Düsseldorf
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